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4 things that always hinder students from finishing midterm projects in time

When students set out to work on midterm projects, they often face stumbling blocks along the way which interfere with a timely submission. But what are these stumbling blocks? Below are four things that always hinder students from finishing their midterm papers on time:

A Lack of Schedule

The first thing which interferes with timely submissions is a lack of scheduling. This relates to many things, but specifically to the idea that students fail to maintain a working calendar of the things they need to do, what is due, when it is due, and what their other extra-curricular activities or personal obligations are. Without a proper schedule, students might know in the abstract that they have a church event or sporting match, and their middle of the semester project, but they may not see that the due date and the date of the event or match align and therefore the project needs to be done ahead of time. Keeping a schedule allows students to take note of everything which might otherwise get in the way and to also plan accordingly.

Keep a physical calendar which has weeks, days, and months so that you can see the day to day requirements as well as the bigger picture monthly due dates and obligations.

A Lack of Regular Work

It takes discipline to work regularly on something which may not be due for weeks or months. However, in many cases, students are given a syllabus at the start of the semester inside of which is a calendar for the course events and all corresponding due dates. By knowing this due date at the earliest possible time, you can prepare in the back of your mind throughout the semester. As you go over notes, lectures, and smaller papers you can begin to create different ideas of concepts you might want to use for this project, and from there allow the idea to expand as you acquire more knowledge. But in order to do this, and to do it successfully, you need to work regularly. You should set aside a small amount of time, like one hour per week, at the start of the semester during which time you review notes and read up on different project types as a means of preparation. As the due date draws nearer, you want to add hours each week that you work on it and brainstorm, conduct some research, etc… As you reach the weeks before, you want to set aside even more time.


Procrastination is perhaps one of the biggest hindrances to submitting anything on time. Students often think they have more time than they actually do, and what’s more, they let that stop them from being active at regular intervals. When students procrastinate, they are under the false impression that perhaps they work better at night, or the night before something is due. Students also fail to understand how long something might take to complete.


Your mindset about the project is a big part in your submission, either on time or late. If you believe that you work better on a tight deadline, or that there is “plenty of time” you will end up in a tight spot. You need to change your mindset to want to work on the project regularly. You want to work on the various drafts weeks before they are due so that you are prepared, so that you are not rushed, and so that you never get rushed. A positive and self-starting mindset can make all of the difference in cases like this.